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Charm Sciences Collaborates with AAA to Verify Sanitation Standards

Charm’s ATP monitoring system will help verify the cleanliness of hotel facilities.


Charm is proud to announce a collaboration with AAA. Together we will deliver superior sanitation monitoring and verify standards of cleanliness in the hotel industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging hotels to uphold stricter sanitation and cleaning procedures. In response, hotels are adopting new protocols. However, according to AAA research, 76% of consumers surveyed would be disappointed if a third-party inspection did not evaluate the sanitation of high-touch areas in a hotel.

Charm has trained and certified AAA inspectors to conduct ATP surface testing in hotels to help quantify and measure cleaning efforts. “With the new addition of surface testing, these properties will now also be recognized as Inspected Clean,” said Paula Twidale, Senior Vice President, AAA Travel. 

The new Inspected Clean criteria add an objective, scientific validation that the hotel’s cleaning protocols are effective by detecting ATP. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is an energy-carrying molecule found in all living cells. Most food sources, human skin cells, bacteria, yeast, mold, and biological material found in respiratory droplets contain ATP. Charm Sciences manufactures a bioluminescent test called PocketSwab Plus, to detect ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness.

AAA inspectors will use the PocketSwab Plus ATP test to swab eight high-touch surfaces. Surfaces may include guest room door handles, tv remotes, or sink faucet handles. In just five seconds, Charm’s novaLUM II-X system detects even the lowest levels of ATP contamination.

With the addition of Charm Sciences’ ATP surface testing to the AAA Diamond Program, AAA will recognize hotels that pass their unannounced inspection as Inspected Clean. Charm Sciences’ ATP monitoring system will help the hospitality industry to verify, quantify, and improve the cleanliness of their facilities.

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