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The novaLUM II-X system brings together Charm’s trusted ATP (adenosine triphosphate) detection technology and sophisticated new novaLINK 5 software to create a powerful system that makes sanitation verification, corrective action, and documentation easier than ever. 

With the novaLUM II-X system you can optimize your real-time sanitation monitoring and can easily utilize collect data to evaluate and improve your sanitation program. With an effective sanitation program, you will be able to reduce microbial challenges, improve product quality, reduce customer complaints, extend product shelf life, and protect your brand from product recalls.

In conjunction with Charm’s PocketSwab Plus, FieldSwab, WaterGiene, and AllerGiene tests, the novaLUM II-X system is used for sanitation and allergen control, pasteurization verification, and pesticide screening. In just five seconds, the novaLUM II-X system is able to detect even the lowest levels of ATP contamination. 

The novaLUM II-X system syncs data from the instrument to local or corporate databases and can identify and report failing swab sites during sanitation for immediate management review. The novaLINK 5 software identifies locations that repeatedly fail and creates randomized sampling plans based on risk assessment. Targeting areas with sanitation deficiencies helps to control sanitation costs and investigate SSOP. Automated reporting streamlines corrective action through the novaLUM II-X system, providing documentation to meet the requirements of third-party audits, i.e. SQF, BRC, and FSSC. 


  • Detects ATP in 5 seconds
  • Syncs and reports results in real-time via WiFi
  • Utilizes data to create SMART Plans
  • Provides documentation for third party audits




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