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Microbial Detection

Water municipalities need to verify their production, disinfection, and distribution systems are delivering microbiologically safe, potable drinking water. Food producers need to be sure the water they add, use to wash, and process their products is safe.

Charm provides rapid indicator tests for bacteria and viruses associated with fecal contamination including coliform, Escherichia coli, Enterobacteriaceae, and coliphages. Both Charm products detect a single coliform and/or E. coli bacteria in a 100-mL water sample in 48 hours or less.

Peel Plate Microbial Tests

Peel Plate bacterial tests are simplified culture methods for detecting micro-organisms. AOAC-RI has recently granted performance tested method status to Peel Plate EC and AC tests. Each version of these tests contains non-selective or selective medium and follows conventional microbiologic procedures for time and temperature of incubation. An air gap between the plate and cover allows colony picking and determination of microbial morphology. Currently there are Peel Plate tests for aerobic bacteria (Peel Plate AC) and coliforms/E. coli (Peel Plate EC) for use in dairy products, ground meats, other foods, contact surfaces and water.

CertaBlue Microbial Detection

CertaBlue is based on rapid detection of several metabolic processes that take place within the growing organism. 

The system can detect color changes through highly sensitive optical sensors. All vials are ready-to-use, prefilled with media, and equipped with CertaBlue sensors. 


PathoGel is a single use, self-contained test with selective medium designed to detect coliform, E. coli and hydrogen sulfide producing enterobacteriaceae (e.g., salmonella, citrobacter) in food, beverages and waters.

PathoGel contains a special “gelling” agent that allows quantitation of colony forming units as well as presence/ absence determination.


The Charm E*Colite test is used to screen water, foods, and juices for coliform and Escherichia coli. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved “bag” test provides a positive or negative result in 28 hours for coliform and 28 to 48 hours for E. coli in compliance with the Total Coliform Rule. The “vial” test provides a positive or negative result in 24 hours for coliform and 24 to 28 hours for E. coli.

Fast Phage PA

Fast Phage PA qualitatively detects as little as one coliphage per 100 mL water sample. The presence or absence of coliphage in ground water is considered a fecal contamination indicator. The Fast Phage PA method gives an early warning indicator in eight hours—enabling same-day remediation. Confirmation is available in 16 hours—much sooner than traditional methods.

There are approximately 250 million people world-wide who suffer from food allergies which can often be fatal.

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