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Turn Environmental Monitoring Data into Actionable Insights

Welcome to the future of environmental monitoring with eBacMap Data Mapping & Trending software. Staying ahead of potential issues is crucial in today’s highly regulated manufacturing environments.

eBacMap is a cloud-based trending and tracking software tool that will revolutionize  how you monitor and manage your facility’s pathogen and sanitation hygiene data.


Dynamic Hot Spots

  • Visualize your facility with dynamic hot spots
  • Easily organize test results showing the physical location and frequency of contaminations
  • Identify patterns in positive test results to improve CAPA responses and enhance preventative control
  • Ability to combine pathogen, microbial indicator, allergen control, and ATP cleaning data all on one map
  • Even map and control finished product testing

What Sets eBacMap Data Mapping & Trending Apart

Visual Trending

  • eBacMap offers innovative ways to view data trends, including their patent pending trend rings, time-lapse video, and an optional 3D 360 View.
  • Competitive systems may have ways to show a hot spot or number of non-conformances at a site. However, those representations don’t capture the context of occurrences over time the way that eBacMap does.

Super Easy to Maintain

  • Sample sites can be added ad hoc.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Data Source Agnostic

  • Upload data from any source that exports results in a CSV or Excel format.
  • Track indicators, water potability, mold counts, air, allergens, and more.

Investigatory Testing

  • Track and map investigatory testing separately to maintain regular monitoring trends.

CAPA & Scheduling

  • Streamline your processes and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Use scheduler to generate sample requests and labels, link to LIMS system, and track testing results.
  • Follow non-compliant results with follow-up vectoring and CAPA to document remediation and corrective actions.


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Eliminate reliance on loose papers and one-off spreadsheets by utilizing a uniform approach to recording results – all while meeting third-party, regulatory, and customer requirements. 

See where and when non-conforming hot spots arise in your facilities using fully customizable maps and other visual tools to identify and eliminate contamination issues among differing teams, shifts, and languages.

Use your accessible data to save time and money by bringing efficiency back to your facility, reducing the risk of product recall, and focusing sanitation labor resources where needed, and minimizing downtime and rework by correcting problems faster.

Integrated Environmental Monitoring Program

Prepare your facility to meet compliance regulations and react quickly to any process deviation. Integrating Charm’s ATP and indicator organism tests with data management empowers facilities to take vectoring and remedial action at pin-pointed hygienic threats.

Use eBacMap Data Mapping & Trending to link ATP sanitation, microbial indicators, and pathogen test results onto a facility map to quickly identify, communicate, and implement corrected and preventative actions.

Part 1: Real-Time ATP Testing

Part 2: Microbial Indicator Organism Solutions

Peel Plate Microbial Tests available for:

  • Aerobic Count
  • Coliform Count
  • Enterbacteriaceae Count
  • E.coli Count
  • Heterotrophic Count
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Yeast and Mold Count
  • Yeast Only

Part 3: Pathogen Testing

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • E.coli Count

eBacMap Data Mapping & Trending Software

Link ATP sanitation, microbial indicators, and third-party pathogen test results into your facility map to quickly identify, communicate, and manage hygienic challenges in a comprehensive microbial risk-based approach.

Map, Track, and Trend Your Environmental Pathogen Management Data

eBacMap’s patent-pending process illustrates the results in location and over time, enabling you to see correlations of positive results that may arise throughout your plant, allowing you to identify and address root causes.

Realize immediate ROI while you protect your brand equity

  • Cut labor costs by automating sample collection scheduling
  • Minimize errors in manual record-keeping
  • Save time with the direct upload of ATP results from the novaLUM II-X system
  • Provide trend reports showing hot spots for management review and audits
  • Reduce the cost of rework and risk of recall

Quantify. Verify. Satisfy.

  • Understand your facility’s environment through results mapping, trend reports, a sample scheduler, and digital CAPA records.
  • Communicate and Collaborate better with your food safety team.
  • Create sampling schedules on a routine or randomized basis to ensure that all sites are adequately monitored.
  • Investigate more thoroughly and intentionally.
  • Implement targeted corrective and preventative actions.


How is the information uploaded?

Three ways. (1) Most typically by bulk upload of an Excel or CSV file. (2) We have integrations with FTP and soon with API that will provide automatic real or near real-time reporting with select sources. Additional sources can be added with the API. (3) Upload manually, result by result.

How easy is it to set up?

Very easy. The entire site is intuitive. eBacMap consultants are available for support.

Can vector sites be added?

Yes, easily set up vector or investigatory sites.

Can the program be used to track and map results beyond environmental swabbing?

Yes, eBacMap can track and map anything that can be measured, including ATP, water, mold, air, and allergens.

Can the sample scheduler accommodate diminished pool randomization?

Yes, the user can define a pool of sites and the period in which those sites should all be tested. eBacMap will evenly distribute those sites across the calendar at the desired frequency. The schedule can be rerun at the end of the period so that the same pool is tested in a different order.

What is the cyber security environment?

We have a robust cyber security program along with a Chief Information Security Officer. 

What is involved in onboarding?

eBacMap is user-friendly, so you can onboard and configure with minimal input. We will provide training, and remote access is available. For clients who need or would like more assistance in the process, our team is available to help.

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