The novaLUM II-X System is a hand-held luminometer used for ATP verification and pesticide detection. The Charm EPIC system is a microplate luminometer specifically designed for rapid microbial assessment of UHT, ESL and aseptically processed beverage and liquid products.

novaLUM II-X System

Advanced Sensitivity: The novaLUM II-X System is a palm sized luminometer that offers superior science for advanced sanitation control. It utilizes a technologically advanced photomultiplier tube (PMT) that amplifies ATP (adenosine triphosphate) allowing detection of lower levels of microbial and organic contamination.

EPIC System

The Charm EPIC system is a microplate bioluminescence system that predicts spoilage in shelf-stable, ultra high temperature (UHT), and extended shelf life (ESL) beverage products.

There are approximately 250 million people world-wide who suffer from food allergies which can often be fatal.

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