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ROSA Lateral Flow Antibiotic Strips

Lower operating costs and improve transportation efficiency by clearing good milk quickly with the Charm ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) lateral flow strips which detect aflatoxin M1 and the most common antibiotics used to treat dairy cows. ROSA tests use patented technology to target drug sensitivities to safe and regulated levels, which prevents unnecessary rejection of milk caused by overly sensitive screening tests. The tests are easy to perform and are manufactured to test for US safe levels, EU MRL/ CODEX/ Customs Union maximum residue limits and multiple other country-specific requirements. Charm ROSA tests have been granted approval by regulatory authorities around the world.

Test results from ROSA strips may be read and officially recorded using the Charm EZ system, or the ROSA Pearl-X Reader, or may be interpreted visually in an unofficial capacity, making it ideal for farm use.

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DIP Test and Incubator

Charm technology is trusted by the dairy industry worldwide for fast and accurate milk residue screening. The Charm MRL Beta-lactam DIP Test detects beta-lactam drugs in raw commingled milk. The test follows a one-step procedure. Simply dip the strip into the sample and visually interpret within minutes.

Charm II Antibiotic Kits

Charm II tests run on the Charm II system and are designed for use by veterinarians, laboratory and regulatory personnel. They provide a comprehensive analysis of biological residues on multiple matrices, and meet EU MRLs and US FDA Safe Levels.

Charm II tests use a binding reagent with specific receptor sites. The binder is added to a sample along with an exempt amount of labeled tracer. Any drugs in the sample compete for the binding sites with this tracer. The amount of tracer that binds to the receptor sites is measured and compared to a previously determined Control Point. The Control Point is the cutoff point between a negative or positive sample. The greater the amount of tracer measured, the lower the drug concentration in the sample. The smaller the amount of tracer measured, the greater the drug concentration in the sample.

Inhibition Tests

Charm provides a variety of broad-spectrum microbial inhibition tests to easily detect antibiotic residues in milk, kidney, tissue, poultry serum, live animal urine, water and feed extracts. Charm Inhibition Tests are blue in color to start. Users add the relevant sample and incubate.

The test will turn yellow during incubation if the sample is free of antimicrobial contaminants. If the sample stays blue, it indicates the presence of an inhibitor, such as an antibiotic. Charm Inhibition Tests help food producers and processors meet regulatory requirements and provide safe, compliant product to market.

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