Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Charm’s diagnostics portfolio includes test kits and systems for the Dairy Processing, Feed & Grain Processing, Food & Beverage Processing, Hospitality, and Water industries.


Established in 1978 with a focus on the dairy industry, we created our first innovative test over 40 years ago to help you reduce the amount of time needed to detect antibiotics in your milk and dairy products.

Feed and Grain

In the past, farmers traditionally have not had a food safety plan in place. Global markets and regulations have dictated a change in that mindset, and we at Charm Sciences partnered with farmers to create test kits and equipment to suit their needs.

Food and Beverage

An appetite for variety, and desire for year-round food products and ingredients have increased demand on global products, greatly complicating the food supply chain. Differing regulations and processing standards make the safety trail difficult to follow.


 To quality-check and measure cleaning efforts, hotels, motels, and resorts are now using surface monitoring to verify that the room has been cleaned to a level where a customer will trust the cleaning process. Hotels can use the PocketSwab test to swab high-touch surfaces like sinks, remotes, and handles. 


The World Health Organization identifies water quality as a critical element in global disease prevention. It has been instrumental in spreading the word about increasing access to safe drinking water, and improving sanitation, hygiene, and water management to reduce the risks of water-borne infectious diseases.

On the Farm

After pioneering the first rapid antibiotic milk test in 1978, Charm has continued innovating by expanding its portfolio to provide farmers with a variety of easy-to-use, economical, rapid testing options.