Press Release

Charm/Zymo DNA/RNA Swab Tube Continues to Soar!

Charm Sciences partnered with Zymo Research to create a sampling swab specifically designed for work in space. The Charm/Zymo DNA/RNA Swab Tubes were developed to withstand g-forces of liftoff and reentry and provide ambient shelf stability. They continue to remain in service. To date, the swab has launched on three Russian Soyuz vehicles (61S, 62S, and 64S) and three SpaceX vehicles (SpaceX Crew-1, SpaceX-22 Cargo, SpaceX-23 Cargo).

The DNA/RNA swab is currently positioned to launch on SpaceX Crew-3 (10/30/2021) then again on SpaceX-24 Cargo (12/21/2021).

The space center uses the swabs to understand how the astronaut’s diet and space environment affects intestinal health, immune functions, and the intestinal microbiome. The research center asked Charm Sciences and Zymo Research to create the swab to meet the rigorous usage conditions of space and maximize sample integrity to facilitate health knowledge for astronauts and humankind.

“For over 40 years, Charm Sciences has worked with our partners to create innovative solutions to their most complex problems,” said Robert J. Markovsky, President. “Our commitment to our customer’s complete satisfaction has given rise to products that surpass expectations and reset the bar for the industries we serve. Not only are our products on every continent and over ninety countries, but now we are moving into the next horizon, space.”

About Charm Sciences

Established in 1978 in Greater Boston, Charm Sciences helps protect consumers, manufacturers, and global brands from a variety of issues through the development of food safety, water quality, and environmental diagnostics tests and equipment. Selling directly and through its network of distributors, Charm’s products serve the dairy, feed and grain, food and beverage, water, healthcare, environmental, and industrial markets in more than 100 countries around the globe.