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meet our kindness ambassador Poppy

Kindness is not an act; it's a lifestyle. Get to know Poppy and let her guide and inspire you to be the light the world needs.

Meet Poppy

When it comes to Poppy the Unicorn, get ready for the discovery of a lifetime: friendship. If she’s not helping her friends study or going on adventures in Sharewood Forest with her best friend, Pawley the Bear, you can find her taking care of her baby sister, Peony! Family is very important to Poppy, she’s always offering her parents to help around the house. She is always accepting of others and lets her light shine no matter where she goes!

take poppy home with you

Created in the belief that all children are brave, smart, and adventurous, Poppy the Kindness Unicorn adventure bag will stimulate and motivate your child to discover the wonders of the everyday world and find joy in the little things along the way.

While the stories highlight their own adventure, poppy was designed to leap off the pages and inspire your child’s day-to-day adventures. Read along as Poppy and Pawley use the adventure bag to navigate through their own storybook while inspiring your child to literally carry a world of dreams and ideas in their own matching adventure bag. 

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