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meet our kindness ambassador Piper

Kindness is not an act; it's a lifestyle. Get to know Piper the Unicorn and let her guide and inspire you to be the light the world needs.

piper the unicorn

Far up in the top of her treehouse, you can find Piper the Unicorn ready to jump and make a splash in the cool water of Clover Creek! Piper is known for being outgoing and including everyone - she is a real team player! One day, Piper was sad that she was alone and noticed that her friends were too scared to climb her treehouse. Being the brave and adventurous unicorn that she is, Piper made sure to use her words of encouragement to make her friends feel safe. Eventually, the members of Sharewood overcame their fears and now spend hours jumping into Clover Creek! Piper realized that she has a special talent for helping others overcome their fears and reach for the stars

take Piper home with you

Of all the places in Sharewood Forest, Piper enjoys spending time at Bellflower Bridge the most. She giggles as she watches the fish swim under the bridge, and she loves splashing in the cool water of Clover Creek on the hottest days of summer. She’s always there to share a warm hug and help her friends overcome their fears, especially when they’re afraid to cross the bridge by themselves.


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