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meet our kindness ambassador pawley

Kindness is not an act; it's a lifestyle. Get to know Pawley the bear and let her guide and inspire you to be the light the world needs.

meet pawley the bear

Over the river and through the woods to Sharewood Forest we go! Living next door to Sharewood means Pawley the Bear loves adventure! He’s always looking to explore, especially with his best friend Poppy the Unicorn! Whether he’s collecting treasures or finding gifts for his friends and family, Pawley is always thinking of others. He is a reminder that sometimes not all treasures can fit in your bag, some can only fit in your heart!

take pawley home with you

When she’s not helping her father at the Farmer’s Market, Fiona spends her days tending Goldenrod Gardens. She loves to water her plants and encourage them to grow. When the flowers bloom and the fruits and vegetables grow strong, she uses the beautiful things she’s grown to make gifts for her best friends. From bracelets to pies, and everything in between, sharing her gifts is her favorite way to make everyone in Sharewood Forest happy.

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