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Changing the world through kindness

One charm at a time


"No act of KINDNESS, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - AESOP

Did you know the power to help change the world is right at your fingertips? Kindness in words creates confidence, in thinking creates wisdom, and in giving creates love.

Charms for Change is a kindness movement that helps serve as an encouraging reminder that random acts of kindness make the grandest impacts no matter how young or old!

Our kindness agent Dayna puts it perfectly in her Charms for Change debut!

Start Your Kindness Journey

When a kindness advocate signs for Charms for Change, they receive a kindness keepsake journal, a charm bracelet, and their first charm. Each month they will receive a themed charm that correlates with a kindness charm challenge within the journal and other kindness activities and content! 

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We have teamed up with the kid SAFE social app Zigazoo to bring the mission of Charms for Change around the world.

We post weekly kindness challenges to help the community positive and engaged with each other in a healthy way! 

Follow us and others today and start empowering limitless creativity! 

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