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meet our kindness ambassador aria

Kindness is not an act; it's a lifestyle. Get to know Aria the Alpaca and let her guide and inspire you to be the light the world needs.

aria the alpaca

From the top of Marigold Mountains where the sun always shines bright, Aria the Alpaca began to sing. The notes of her beautiful voice trailed down the mountainside and all of Sharewood was able to listen. When she finished her song, everyone cheered and told her how much joy her voice brings to Sharewood Forest! The support from her friends made her feel so special that she vowed to always encourage her friends to share their talents. Aria learned how important it is to compliment others and to support her friends’ interests!

take aria home with you

One day, Aria was walking through Sharewood Forest singing her favorite song out loud. What she didn’t realize was that she was singing so loud everyone around could hear her! When she finished her song, everyone cheered for her and told her that hearing her song really brightened their day. Now, she shares her gift of song from the top of the Marigold Mountains every day, bringing happiness and smiles to everyone in Sharewood Forest.


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